The group has facilities for experimental work including 2 main laboratories of approximately 200m2 of research space. Additionally, there is a 0.5MVA transformer reserved to feed experimental rigs.

Both laboratories share the following equipment:

  • Ametek Programmable Power Source, 45kVA.
  • 2x Chroma Programmable Power Souce, 15kVA.
  • Keysight oscilloscopes.
  • 5x Real Time Control Platform based on DSP+FPGAs.
  • 2x Real Time Control Platform based on DSP+CPLDs.
  • Synchronous machine coupled to a DC machine.
  • Induction machine coupled to a DC machine.
  • DC-DC, DC-AC and AC-DC converters for teaching and research.

Industrial Projects Lab

This laboratory is dedicated to develop industrial projects.

Currently, we are working in the following projects:

  • Plasma Water Sanitation System using Medium-Voltage converters.
  • Lifting magnets for industrial applications based on high efficiency rectifiers.

Power Electronics Lab

This is the main laboratory of our Research Group. Ten work places equipped with desktop computers, control platforms and three phase connections, are available in this laboratory.