Simulation and Exercises

Lecture Time:

  • 17:10 - 18:40
  • 13:50-15:20

Course Outline:

  • Simulation (S0): Introduction to PLECS, basic conguration and devices use.
  • Exercise (E0): Losses in power electronics devices.
  • Simulation (S1): Power losses on semiconductor devices and thermal simulation.
  • Exercise (E1): Diodes and thyristor rectiers.
  • Simulation (S2): Six Pulse Diodes and thyristor rectiers.
  • Exercise (E2): Analysis of DC-DC converters.
  • Simulation (S3): Buck and Boost converters simulation.
  • Exercise (E3): DCM operation of DC-DC converters and losses consideration.
  • Simulation (S4): Block operation and PWM applied to a two-level VSI.
  • Simulation (S4): Block operation and PWM applied to a two-level VSI.
  • Simulation (S5): SVM applied to a two-level VSI.
  • Exercise(E5): SVM for two-level VSI.
  • Simulation (S6): SVM applied to a NPC converter.
  • Exercise(E6): SVM for the NPC converter.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the exercise part of this course, the students must be able to:

  • Perform general systems simulations and signal analysis using PLECS simulation software.
  • Perform power electronics converters simulations using PLECS simulation software.
  • Verify theoretical exercises results by means simulation with PLECS.
  • Verify power electronics converters power stages design by means simulation with PLECS.

Grading Policy:

The exercise part of this course is divided in three evaluations, which are used for calculating each MARKof the theoretical part. The weighing for each of these examinations are as follows:

EX1= S1(50%), S2(50%).

EX2= S3(50%), S4(50%).

EX3= S5(50%), S6(50%).

Simulation work (S): The evaluation performed during the simulation session, the mark is calculatedas follows: The attendance to the session gives the student a 4.0, when the student achieves an progresspoint (dened on each session guide) the mark goes up to 5.5; if the student nishes the activities withinthe the session time, he gets a 7.0. If the student does not attend to the session, he gets an 1.0.