Theoretical Part

Lecture Time:

  • 19:00-22:00

Course Objectives:

After the student has approved this course, the following specic goals are expected to be acquired:

  • The student must be able to model linear dynamic systems using Laplace Transform.
  • The student mus be able to solve electrical circuits using time/complex frequency representations.
  • The student must be able to use engineering tools to desing control systems.
  • The student must be able to design, implement and tunning controllers for electrical systems.


Prerequisites of this course are dened by the Electrical Department of the Universidad e Santiago de Chile. Nevertheless, it is important the student has an undergraduate-level understanding of the following topics: Laplace Transform, Kirchhoff Laws and maths at first undergraduate level.

Office Hours:

By appointment and after asking exercise assistants.

Main References:

Most of the content of our lecture can be found in the following book.

  • Katsuhiko Ogata, Modern Control Engineering, 3rd Edition, Prenttice Hall, 2009

This book can be downloaded from: at myilibrary data base.

Furthermore, the lecture notes of Prof. Roberto Cárdenas (U. Chile) are very useful for this course. These notes can be downloaded from:


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